Dipl. Ing. (FH) Stefan Muthig
( Managing Partner )

Vision & Biography

Our claim is an energy supply from renewable and sustainable energies. This not only serves to protect our climate and our livelihood. It also ensures that future generations can continue to have unrestricted access to energy. How do we create these new solutions?

The first requirement is to have the goal in mind. Only when you are clear about your goals and visions, can you create the plan for your realization and go to the implementation. But it is also important not to stumble headlong forward, but to be clear about where you currently stand. From there we always build further!

In energy supply we are currently at the point where more than 50% of the power supply in Germany is already covered by renewable energies. This figure alone is not yet impressive, as Costa Rica, for example, has been covering more than 99% of its power requirements from renewable energies for years. If one considers that Germany has hardly any natural resources for the use of water power, and as an energy-hungry industrial nation 20 years ago could cover significantly less than 10% of its electricity demand from renewable energies, the achievements of the electricity industry become clear. Meanwhile, about 40% of our electricity needs are covered by wind and solar power – and the trend is rising rapidly. In the power generation sector, it is therefore necessary to stick to the goals of increasing the efficiency of renewables and minimizing side effects in order to further increase the share towards 100%.

In the other branches of energy use, above all the transport and heating sectors, these goals are still a long way off: with a share of about 5% of renewables in the transport sector (stagnating since 2008), and about 15% in the building sector (stagnating since 2012), it is clear that our CO2 goals and the energy turnaround cannot be achieved in the electricity sector alone. Currently, biogenic fuels supply the largest part of the renewable share in the above mentioned sectors. A further expansion of biogenic fuels is always in conflict with forestry, agriculture and nature conservation. Therefore electricity is currently the raw material of the future, also for these sectors. Only with a further expansion of electricity production from renewable energies can we provide the raw material electricity in sufficient quantities to supply the other sectors of heat (e.g. through electric boilers and heat pumps) and transport (electromobility, Power-X) with sufficient energy.

We are therefore carrying out our work on the realization of power generation and distribution plants as a basis for the future cross-sectoral energy supply. We continue to work on testing and industrial test facilities in sector coupling in order to transfer the success of renewable energies to the transport and heating sectors. Because we are firmly convinced:


There is always a way to make it better – find it! (Thomas A. Edison)

Stefan Muthig studied electrical power engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich from 1999 to 2003 and subsequently founded the Ingenieurbüro für elektrische Energietechnik Stefan Muthig. After some years as an independent project manager within the ranges biomass KWKK plants, wood energy and wood pellet plants, energy transmission plants (remote power grids, electricity mains, HVDC) and the conventional power station construction (GUD, gas/motor combined heat and power stations) at home like also in the international surrounding field, the union with Mr. Dimpfl took place to extend by the power spectrum and offer. In the meantime Stefan Muthig has been active in energy projects for more than 20 years and has successfully realized and supported solutions for energy supply in many projects.