Power-to-X (PtX / P2X)

Power to Hydrogen

Electrolysis of water to hydrogen using electrical energy.

Power to Heat

Conversion of electrical energy into heat with almost one hundred percent efficiency.

Power to Gas

Hydrogen electrolysis with further refinement of the produced hydrogen by methanization.

Power to Liquid

Hydrogen electrolysis, methanization and refinement of methane to liquid fuels

Power-to-X (PtX / P2X)

For a successful implementation of energy system transformation, it is necessary to supply not only the electricity sector from renewable energies, but also the other main energy consumers, i.e. the transport sector and the heat sector (sector coupling). For this purpose, it is necessary to find needs-based solutions for those applications that cannot be directly electrified.

Power2Heat systems make it possible, for example, to stabilize power grids during generation peaks and at the same time to store and use the energy in the form of heat. Electrolysis plants can replace the use of natural gas, first of all the use of conventional hydrogen produced from natural gas for the chemical and steel industries, and in the future also by downstream methanization to produce storable natural gas (domestic heating, heavy-duty transport, ship propulsion), or by the subsequent liquidation step (GTL) to produce special fuels, e.g. synthetic kerosene for aircraft engines.

PtX applications are currently at the stage of leapfrogging into commercial operation. Our interest is to realize this leap as far as possible and with a soft landing.

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We at Promanco develop innovative and needs-based solutions around the topic Power-to-X. In doing so, we analyse your general conditions and processes in search of synergies and efficiency potentials for an optimum benefit for your company. Clean energy is the basic prerequisite for sustainable and resource-saving growth and thus one of our most important components for maintaining our future viability. Walk successfully into the future with us.

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