Contract management & Conduct of negotiations

A clear formulation and a forward-looking design of consortia and service agreements gives you the freedom to concentrate undisturbed on your projects. This way you keep track of the specifications and deadlines and are safe from surprises.

Contract Management

Our team has many years of experience in the negotiation of supply and service contracts.

Contract management & negotiations

It is not always easy to keep track of all deadlines, contracts and suppliers during a project. A clear formulation and an active design of consortia and service agreements create the scope for you to be able to concentrate undisturbed on the project execution.

Our solutions

Contract structuring

Today, international projects are often handled within a complex contractual structure. Consortia with many partners, division of the total scope of services into several supply and service contracts, subcontracts and additional agreements easily make it easy to lose track of the overall picture. As experts we help you and your partners to find the right structure and to keep the overview from the beginning to the end of the project.

Tax structure & social security

Cross-border projects present you with the challenge of meeting the requirements of different tax and social security systems in foreign countries. With our international experience on several continents, we will clarify the local situation for you together with tax consultants of your choice and take these requirements into account in the structuring and drafting of contracts. Furthermore, we support you in the opening, management and closing of project companies and business premises at home and abroad.


In order to ensure your success in purchasing, we carry out national and international tenders for you (according to FIDIC, VOB or your individual wishes). This includes the preparation of tender documents, identification and invitation of potential bidders, technical and commercial clarification and a well-founded recommendation for the award of the contract.

Drafting contracts and conducting negotiations

Our team has many years of experience in the formulation and negotiation of supply and service contracts. We would be pleased to support you in the preparation or analysis of draft contracts or to implement your interests as your negotiator with your customers, partners and suppliers.