Claim Management for your success

Nowadays, active claim management is indispensable in plant construction.

Claim Management

We carry out comprehensive claim management for your projects.

Claim Management

In today's world, active claim management is an indispensable part of plant engineering. To defend against claims from subcontractors and service providers, as well as to enforce one's own claims against third parties, it is essential to proactively document, analyze and correctly interpret all changes and deviations. This starts with a foresighted contract design and requires a consequent monitoring during the project duration. Claim management can be used all the more effectively the more precisely all processes are documented in writing and filed in a comprehensible manner. It is therefore essential to have a structured and clearly structured presence for correspondence, orders, supplements, minutes, reports, acceptances and other contractually relevant documents.

What we can do for you

Claim Analyse

Has your contract partner made a claim against you, or are you afraid that he will do so? Do you not have the time or resources to work through the claim documentation and your own filing? We take over the commercial, technical and legal (in cooperation with your trusted lawyer) evaluation of claims and find economic solutions for your company.

Technical evaluation

No matter whether they have been claimed or want to make a claim. We take over the evaluation of plans and documents, the counting of masses and quantities, the tracking of the consequences of shifts in the schedule and prepare all documents. We show you the causes of delays and additional costs and document the causal relationships for you. Thus you are well prepared for claim negotiations.

Claim Management

For your projects we carry out a comprehensive claim management accompanying the project. As a back-office function, we receive all information from your project team about implemented or pending deviations and evaluate them. We secure your claims in time and take care of the ``paperwork``, so you can fully concentrate on your project.