Our solutions: Engineering

As Bankers and Owners Engineers we offer you the appropriate engineering services for each project phase: from the feasibility study to the preparation of the occurred deviations for the claim management.


We offer you suitable engineering services for each project phase.


Throughout all project phases, knowledge of the technical framework and the comparison of the target and actual situation are the basis for successful project management. As Bankers and Owners Engineers, we offer you the appropriate engineering services for each project phase: from the feasibility study to the preparation of the deviations that have occurred for claim management.

What we do for you

Analysis and conception

The technical-economic fundamentals are the basis for successful project development and implementation. We offer the necessary expertise and guidance for a correct determination of the fundamentals, evaluate and manage feasibility studies, create and optimize project concepts and offer a cross comparison with the competition and the state of the art. If required, we prepare detailed economic and technical analyses and find optimization possibilities in the conception phase even before the detailed planning and tendering process.

Planning and allocation

The implementation of a project requires extensive preparatory measures for planning and awarding. We create, evaluate and optimize tender specifications and requirement specifications as a basis for a target-oriented and successful tender. For a well-founded award recommendation, we compare and evaluate incoming offers, assess technical deviations of the bidders and provide you with a well-founded and evaluating comparison of offers. We support you in your bidder meetings and contract negotiations, and work with you to create optimized contract specifications.

Project realization

No plant design is fully planned when a project contract is signed, and extensive engineering services are required even after the project has started. For the phase of project realization we take over the document and drawing review, the monitoring and evaluation of acceptances, up to the review and monitoring of technical documentation, performance and performance measurements and the acceptance of components and trades.

Handover and operation

Even after the formal acceptance of the services, we do not leave you alone and support you in the follow-up of deficiencies, raising of optimization potentials in the operation and the accompaniment and coaching of your operating personnel.