Our sectors

ProManCo stands for comprehensive technical and economic expertise in the energy sector and in the plant construction. We perform comprehensive and professional consultation and project support in national as well as international businesses. As Owner’s and Banker’s Engineer we offer independent and highly qualified consultation services to construction companies, project societies, investors, banks and energy providers.

Plant construction

ProManCo disposes of long-years experience in the structuring and execution of complex plant projects in the Power, Petrochemical and Biofuels sector. Internationality, intercultural challenges and the cooperation in consortium in complex contract packages is everydays work for us.

Energy transmission

The spatial and economic separation of production units and consumers generates new requirements for electric grids and their operators. The highly fluctuating energy sources wind and sun generate the demand for new fast reacting storage technologies and intelligent energy consumers. We support you in the execution of transport projects (overhead lines, HVDC-transmission) as well as in the planning of integrated energy solutions.
Local combined-cycle power plants (co- and tri-generation) and district heating can help to reduce the CO2 emissions for a more sustainable economy. We support you in the planning and the project engineering of district heating and cooling grids and in the dimensioning of the corresponding power plants.

Renewable energies

We support you in the execution of projects for futures base load energy, wind power: On-and Offshore. We consult in the project development, project execution and business restructuring of biomass combined cycle power plants. In the international sphere we support you in the project realization of photovoltaic power plants.

Power plants

The project engineering and realization of power plants belongs to the classical core areas of ProManCo. Our customers entrust us with the project development, the planning, the structuring and the management of power plant projects, just as classical duties in the contract management and project controlling.