Process Design and Coaching

Calibrating your business processes towards the requirements of your permanent organization and also towards the specific demands of your projects is of utmost importance. Project organisations often cause conflicting interests between the different stakeholders within an organizational structure of your company, therefore inhibiting superior team performance. Yet only outstanding performance of your team within a clear structure and dedicated project ownership will give you the competitive edge in today’s globalized world.


Many projects don’t have a clear and advantageous structure and clearly defined work packages. As a result of this nebulous distribution of work and responsibility few contributors to the project are aware which job they are supposed to do when, where and how. Furthermore, they are not fully aware of the consequences of delays. The consequential lack of success will let the team drift apart and lose its main targets. We will break down your project and business structures and advise you on interfaces, teamwork and project work.

Project coaching

You are already half-way through the project but it is not working out? Given our background of project management for medium and large-scale companies, we know the traps of project work. We advise your management, project management team and other stakeholders with customized coaching, guiding you through the rough waters.

Project Organization

Every project team needs a clear structure to be relied upon. We support you in finding roles, responsibilities and communication lines by providing you with tailor-made operating instructions, best practice guidelines and checklists. With these tools and know-how we establish permanent structures and management lines within your organisation, creating a sustainable benefit for your company.

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